Running: happy, determined and free

Today the girls went running around the block. We knew we had to arrange for some type of active play. The squealing, stomping, and occasional tear could no longer be contained by these four walls. Bundled up, with shoes knotted twice, we went out.

The cool air filled their lungs, fueling their wild spirits and saying, “its okay, go.” Their little legs propelled forward, with the help of the wind and a lively spirit. Their ponytails waved goodbye.

Avrie bolted ahead, her face frozen with a determined expression while she effortlessly recalled her cross country stride. Isla fell behind, never losing determination — a huge smile remaining on her face as a cold, powerful wind collided with her small frame. Daring her to stop. She didn’t.

Happy, determined and free.

That’s how they were, and it is how I hope they will always be.